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100 + 1 Best Maya tutorials and Resource for Every Level of 3d Artist

So today we talk about some most popular Best Maya tutorials collection and resource that i found on the internet. You can use these tutorials for inspiration or learning. These tutorials not a basic tutorials such as sofa modelling or table modelling. These Maya tutorials are best to speed u your modelling workflow

best maya tutorials

Autodesk Maya is an industry standard software for making 3d modeling. Much 3ds software available but Autodesk Maya is known for quality texturing and animation. So we can talk about some most popular Maya tutorials to learn Maya from Beginner to Expert.

So let’s begin the tutorials for Beginner, intermediate and expert. Get 100+ Maya Tutorials foe Every Maya User Click To Tweet

Here is some Best Free Autodesk Maya tutorials

1. Create an awesome 3D Text Effect with Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya

I was amazed when I see this image. This tutorial very interesting. I know it looks complicated but after reading this tutorial you can easily create this type of effect.

2. Car Modeling Tutorials  Using NURBS Curves

It seems interesting, I bet you don’t think, you can card modeling using nurbs. If you thought you can modeling a very simple car with this method, no you are completely wrong, you can create a stylish car with nurbs.

3. Play with Car in Dynamic

In Maya Dynamic, you can blast building, blast car but we can talk later in advance dynamic. You can watch this tutorial for understanding dynamic.

4. How to Boolean and Soft Selection

Boolean is a most complicated thing in modeling, especially hard surface modeling. After using boolean, your modeling will be heavy, so we need to care something before using boolean.

5.. Quality Production Character Rigging in Maya

These tutorials have three parts. For understanding this tutorial, you need to watch all part seriously, because the rigging is serious.

6. Human Character Rigging

after reading the above tutorials, It’s easy to understand human character rigging. So before move on this tutorial read the above tutorials.

7. How to Create fires in Maya

Maya has inbuilt fire system. But for realistic fire effect. We can do more work to create realistic fire effect. So I bring you a free tutorial by Aziz.

8. Create Rain with the help of N Particles In Maya

Create rain is not a hard thing. You just need to understand how particles work. This artist uses an n particle of Maya to create a rain.

9. Create Seamless Texture

The seamless texture is easy to create but you need to understand some Maya texturing technique to create seamless texture.

Source: Autodesk

10. Carpet Texturing Tutorials

Create a carpet texture and rug shader with the help of this tutorial and Maya Procedural texture.

11. Stormy Ocean of Maya

Maya has inbuilt ocean and water in visor tab. But its a very low quality and does not provide a realistic look. To create a realistic ocean we can create manually and its a time consuming but the look is very realistic.

12. Exterior Night Lighting

Lighting will give the complete amazing look of our interior or exterior scene. Many people think lighting is complicated. But lighting is very easy, you can just think what lighting will be great according to your scene.

13. Sports Car Modeling Made Easy

When modeling any vehicle, we need a front, top, back and side view of the vehicle. So before modeling, you can find a proper blueprint on google. In this tutorials, an artist also uses a good blueprint to make car modeling easy.

14. Import Texture

Texture are using to give a realistic look to any scene. Artist does not create all textured that you saw on any 3d Model. Artist creates some texture and imports some texture to save time. You can also do the same.

15. Bicycle Modeling

Modeling a bicycle is easy, only a few parts are complicated. In this tutorials, you will learn how to modeling bicycle easy. This tutorial contains a five-part, So you can start from part 1 to part 5.

16. How to create glass material and render with mental ray

you can easily render realistic glass with Mia Material inbuilt Preset. In this tutorials, the article will create realistic glass manually. When you have to render glass Manually, you have more control.

17. Texture a Model in Maya

Texturing is easy but for the newbie, its hard. So in this tutorial artist tell about everything about texture such as:

  • Planner Project
  • Unfolding and Relax UVS
  • UV Shell
  • Baking Maps
  • Occlusion Maps
  • Applying Colors
  • Duplicate and Diffuse
  • Blending Modes
  • Texturing Painting
  • Generating Maps
  • Specular Maps

18. Female Character Modeling

In modeling, create a female character is very hard because we can take care of every loop and give softness for realistic looking. This artist is great. With only 20 step, you can be a master in female character modeling

19. Gun Modeling

Gun modeling is the part of hard surface modeling. But don’t worry, this tutorial created by a method. MethodJ is a great artist and provides tutorials with an easy method.

20. UV Unwrapping Made Easy

This is another great tutorial by MethodJ. If you are familiar with UV, You know it, create character UV’S is little complicated, But after reading this tutorial, you can easily create character UV’S

21. Realistic Night Lighting In Maya With V-RAY

V-Ray is a plugin for texturing. V-ray give a completely realistic look and provide a high quality texturing

22. Exterior Environment in Maya

When you see the above image, you think, it’s complicated, and only done by the expert, no, completely wrong. If you are a beginner, you can also create this type of environment. This scene is created by Box Modeling Techniques.

23. Modeling and Texturing a Living Room Scene

in this tutorials, you will learn to create a living and how to use mental for texturing. This tutorial has two parts. One part is modeling and the second part is texturing.

24. Create a Realistic Bed in Maya

Create a realistic bed with pillow and blanket. This artist uses a Marvelous designer to give a realistic look of Pillow and Blanket.

25. Studio Lighting

Another Great tutorial by CG ARENA. In this tutorials, you will learn how setup studio lighting more effectively.

26. Superbike Texturing in Maya

This artist will try to write detailed tutorials about superbike and superbike model text and he is done a great job. Take a look.

27. Screw Modeling

Screw modeling made an easy using helix. After reading this tutorial, you will able to make detailed Screw Modeling. Screw modeling is looking complicated, especially thread, but the little modification on the helix, you can easily make screw threads.

28. Animate a Scene

Animate a walk through the scene using a curve. In this video tutorials, you can easily learn to animate a walkthrough

29. Train Engine Modeling in Maya

in this section, you learn to create a locomotive train engine modeling in Maya.

30. Sci-fi City Modeling

Modeling a sci-fi city is looking good. You can also make your own sci-fi city, but you need a creative brain.

31. Three Point Lighting

what is three-point lighting and how to create, so without wasting time read, how to do the same lighting effect

32. Concept Vehicle in Maya

Create a concept vehicle and create a vehicle with blueprint or image planes is totally different. When you try to create a concept, you should think and think with your own brain, if you don’t have a brain, skip this tutorial.

33. Robot Modeling

Maya has awesome tools for creating complex modeling easy and fast than other major 3d Software. You can make Robot in Maya with no hassle

34. Cloth Simulation

When you see this image, you think, this is very hard, but it’s very easy with the help of cloth simulation techniques. Let’s take a look.

35. Realistic Environment Modeling

creating an environment is good but creating the realistic environment is awesome. I know, for the new bee, it’s little complicated, some internet tutorials will help you to make the good environment, this tutorial also one of them.

36. Human Ear Modeling

Modeling a human realistic ear is a most complicated thing for the new and intermediate artist because we need to follow every connection loop.

37. Nude Female Beauty

Yes, you hear right, you can also make Realistic nude female beauty with Maya. So let’s begin the fun

37. SwimSuit Beauty

Another great tutorial by great artist Jimmi Chow, in this tutorials, an artist will discuss to create swimsuit babe.

after reading the tutorials, you will also able to make a better swimsuit babe then this. But one thing to remember, you need to practice, practice and practice.

38. Cheez Platter

WOW, I can’t control my when is saw this image on google image search, so I found this great tutorial and shared with you. I love the work of this artist. This artist gives a very natural look at cheez platter.

39. Kitchen Interior Visualization

in this section, you will learn to create a simple but creative kitchen interior visualization with microwave oven, sink, and some usable kitchen product.

40. Hair n Fur

Hair n fur always complicated thing in 3D. When you use hair n fur, you are a suffering pain with a headache. Hair N Fur is used to create rug and realistic hair in animal and human.

41. Make A Complete Computer Set

In this tutorials, the artist will create a complete computer set such as LCD Monitor, Keyboard, CPU and lastly LCD Monitor.

42. Meet The Expert

Now, its time to meet the Autodesk Maya expert Craig Barr, this artist is very expert, when you see the tutorials, you were amazed.

43. Maya Tips n Tricks

You meet the expert, now its time to learn the Maya tips and tricks. In this short video, you can learn the tips form the expert.

44. Maya Camera Tips and Tricks

in this video, you can learn how to use camera angle and more.

45. Gun With Knife

In this tuts, the artist creates the gun with two sharp knife or blades. This gun is very detailed. So don’t miss out this tuts.

46. Temple Modeling

Temple modeling techniques are simplest than simple. This one-hour tutorial will teach simplest modeling workflow.

47. Electric Guitar Modelling

In this guitar modelling tutorials, we will learn the many awesome modelling  techniques to speed up our modelling workflow. If you think, Guitar Modelling is simple but it’s not true when you try to modelling guitar, I am sure, you will see this tutorial, so let’s go on.

48. Troll Portrait Modelling

This tutorial is only for expert, I repeat only for the expert. This artist tells only the concept not talking about how you create this. But if you are expert in modeling, you will easily create this troll portrait.

49. Frog Modeling

Now its time to make a animal anatomy, most people think, create an animal is possible with only ZBrush or Mudbox or any other Sculpting software but it’s not true. I believe that sculpt software is great for animal anatomy but if you don’t have knowledge of sculpting software, you can also make animal anatomy with Maya.

50. Custom Game Props in Maya

This tutorial cover, how you convert your modeling as a game prop and also learn to export and compiling.

51. Gargoyle Making Process

This artist tells the concept and some topology gargoyle making process.

52. Game Character Series

This is not a single tutorial, this is complete character modeling tutorials series. You will learn everything about character modeling such as high-resolution modeling, Low-Resolution Modeling, head mesh tutorials, Character UV Mapping, Texturing Baking, Skeleton Building, Character Rigging, facial rigging, rigging with blend shapes, hair rigging and lastly level of detail variation.

53. Make iPhone Completed

iPhone is an international brand if you don’t have money to buy iPhone, so modeling and rendering the iPhone in Maya and feel the iPhone.

54. Maya Tips for New Artist

These tutorials cover best tips and tricks for new artist such as blocking simple car, create multiple holes in single and much more.

55. Next Gen Game Car Modeling

This tutorial is only for who have modeled car previously. This artist tells only the concept. This is not detailed tutorials.

56 Alice in Wonderland Concept

If you see Alice in Wonderland movie, you were amazed at this movie. So now you can also make your own Alice in Wonderland project. Let’s begin

57. Design a Human Body Fantasy Character

Tanvir Islam, CG Generalist tell the concept for you, how to model a fantasy character with the concept in mind.

58. Making of Steampunk

This artist will Crete a very interesting scene using Maya and render some lighting pass and used Photoshop to adjustment color correction. You can also learn this concept. This tutorial is very good for your next project or you Maya Showreel.

59. Idea of Rolls Royce

In this article, you will learn how to model a Rolls Royce. This artist tells the detailed concept only for you.

60. Gear Modeling, Scripting, and Animation

This tutorial teaches you more than other tutorials, This artist covers the Modeling, scripting, and animation in one single tutorial.

61. Zhou Zhuang Concept

This image looks interesting, now you can understand this image concept by artist and start modeling.

62. Beautiful Girl Modeling

I spend my most of time for modeling female because female modeling is not an easy task for me and other 3d artist but after practice to model a several beauty, we become expert in 3d Modeling.

Now its time to modeling a very beautiful classic girl, I know this is not an easy task, but if you practice harder with a smarter brain you can easily model this classical beautiful girl. So let’s begin.

63. Virtual Set in Maya

in this section, you will learn virtual set modeling and you will also learn, transparent in texture, lighting, and shadow. because without lighting we are not able to render a realistic scene.

64. Realistic Human Hair

This artist tells, how you make a realistic human hair with Arnold 5 in Maya 2017 with the help of New Ai standard Hair.

Note This tutorial only for Maya 2017 and newer version. If you have older version try other hair and fur tutorials that I already wrote above.

65. Hexagon Modeling

hexagon modeling is a very simple in 3d max with the help of lattice and other modifier but in Maya, I don’t find an easy way to the model hexagon. So in this tutorials, you can also learn how to model a hexagon in an easy way.

66. Maya Arnold Guide only for Freelancer

If you are a freelancer, you will love this. Because this tutorial is written for the only freelancer.

67. Illuminate Interior Using Arnold With Sunlight

This artist creates a very realistic sunlight effect using Arnold in 2013 with Plugin. If you want to learn how to use Arnold in 2013, follow this tutorial.

68. Mental Ray Lighting in Interior Design

Mental ray is a very good rendering engine, I and another popular 3D artist use this engine because, with Mental Ray, you can easily give realistic look to any scene. This artist also uses Mental Ray to give a realistic lighting look to this scene.

69. Ambient Osculation Baking

Baking a really important for large interior or exterior scene for lighting. In this video, you will learn baking ambient osculation map. This is really important for you.

70. V-Ray Introduction for Maya

V-ray is a high-quality rendering engine that is very popular rendering plugin for all major 3D Software and Maya is one of them.

71. Six Part Lighting tuts

This tut is collection 6 video tutorials about lighting such as Afternoon Light, twilight, moonlight, electrical, candlelight, and underwater. I think after watching this tuts, you become expert in lighting. So don’t miss it.

72. Create Sandbag for Battlefield

Learn, how to create sandbag for the battlefield with this short and sweet video tutorials.

73. Table Fan Modeling and Animation

This is very simple tutorials but its very important beginner Maya user and intermediate also try it.

74. Mechanical Crab Hand

This is a hard surface modelling. These type of modelling is good for practice. If you are the beginner is will suggest you practice hard surface modelling to become expert.

Premium Best Maya Tutorials

I collect some of best free tutorials. If you have some money to learn Maya more better is suggest the best premium Maya tutorials. I found the some premium website such digital tutor , Udemy , Linda and More. Here is the best collection only for you. You should also checkout

75. Introduction to Modeling

Pluralsight is one of my favorite destinations learn 3d Software and I found that no one can teach us better than this.

76. Stylize Sets Element

In this lesson, you will learn low poly modeling for the game asset, proper UV Mapping, and sizing, so let’s start.

77. Low Poly House Modeling for Games

In games, low poly techniques are used. Mostly new bee artist is not able to control the edge loop. Some artist creates good topology model but this artist used many edges. If you are model anything for game, you need to create low topology model.

78. Game Environment Modeling and Texturing

You already know that low poly model is used in games. So in this section, you will learn how to model low polygon game environment and texturing.

79. Professional Tips for Modeling Complex Part

This is serial of four tutorials, You can watch from the first video to the fourth video to better understand to modeling a complex part easy.

80. Detailed UV Guide

It’s time for an expert in UV’S. This artist will teach you each and every command that you found on UV Toolbar.

81. Expert in Edit Mesh Library

This artist covers every tool that you found in Edit Mesh library. After using all of this tool, you are able to speed up your workflow.

82. How to Use Maya 2018 : A Essential Training from Lynda

Maya 2018 has completely different. Autodesk has added a new feature in Maya 2018. Time has changed. You should understand Maya 2018 to beat the competitor.

83. Maya Advanced Modeling

It’s time to create advance complicated shape with confidence. This artist really helps you to build a complex model with confidence.

84. Stereoscopic Scene in Maya

This is an advanced tutorial. Before reading this tutorial, you need familiar with hard surface or interior and exterior 3d Modeling.

85. Gaming Texture

Texture gives a life to the game or any other 3d scene. Now you can learn texture for games and give life to games.

86. Cinematography in Maya

Maya camera gives you more control than the real camera but the camera control setup are complex for the new bee. I hope this tutorial will help us.

87. Complex Vehicle

These tutorials cover a complex hard surface tank vehicle. You will also learn, how to sipped up your modeling workflow and some quick Maya modeling tips.

88. Create Realistic Image Maya Tutorials

With Arnold, you can easily create a realistic image but you need to understand Arnold render engine.

89. Create Logo in Maya

In fact, PhotoShop is a great tool for design every type of logo. But if you don’t have a knowledge of other Graphic Designing software, you can make a good logo in Auto desk Maya.

90. Learn Maya after 3DS Max

This course is specially designed for 3ds artist who wants to learn Maya after using 3ds max. This course covers all the basic of Maya. After watching this course, you have a solid knowledge of Maya

91. Master in Maya

With this course, you will be master in Maya. This course covers every about Such as poly modeling, NURBS modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, bump map, Raytracing, mental ray etc.

Source: Udemy

92. Introduction of Animation for Games

In this animation course, you will learn basic core fundamentals of animation such as character animation, keyframe animation, some rigging techniques,

93. Create Dinosaur in 180 Minute

In this course, you will learn many use Maya techniques such as sculpt geometry tools, extrude from the curve, and many tools for creating dinosaur type model.

94. Dynamic Cloth

Learn to create a dynamic cloth for the game environment that is used in-game engine. You will also learn apex clothing system.

95. Maya Scripting

Scripting is necessary for faster work but you need a programmer’s brain. If you want to learn Maya scripting then this course only for you.

96. Advanced Scripting

With this course, you will learn to write an expert script for a beginner. For more information about this course see on the course website.

97. Understand Maya Fluids

Maya has also own dynamic tool to create a major dynamic effect. In this course, you will learn Maya fluids technology

98. Magical Smoke

This course covers a native fluid solver and particle system. By using in these two function you will be able to magical smoke like this image.

99. Ocean Simulation

This course covers an ocean simulation system of Maya. You will also learn to create ocean boss simulation with the help ripple, waves, and many more method.

100. Large Dust Simulation

This course will teach us, how to simulate a large dust form in an easy way with Maya fluids.

101. Character and Environment

This course is only for expert. This course covers an environment and character effect using bi-frost and XGen


I collect some of the most popular and latest  Autodesk Best Maya tutorials. I see many tutorials on many sites but I added some of best tutorials to learn Maya better. If you found any tutorials that are interesting or found some worst tutorials in this post. Kindly tell us in the comment section. I will add many more useful tutorials in future.