How to Add Alexa Widget in WordPress and Blogger

Alexa widget is very important for a blogger. You should insert Alexa Widget on Blog to improve Alexa ranking. Mostly blogger uses many techniques to improve Alexa ranking. One of the most useful technique is Alexa rank widget. Add this widget is really simple. You can add Alexa ranking widget via script or use Alexa Rank widget plugin.

Why you should add Alexa widget

Main reason to add Alexa ranking widget is to improve the Alexa ranking. An alternate reason is , you don’t need any third party tool or don’t need to visit Alexa website daily to check your ranking.

Add Alexa widget in WordPress

Actually, every task is easy in WordPress because its plugin facility. WordPress plugin save our lot of time. You can easily add Alexa web traffic widget in WordPress blog.

By Script

  1. You can copy the Alexa ranking widget script.
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard, Go Appearance > add widget > insert text widget in any sidebar (Primary Sidebar Recommend) and past the script. You can change with your domain.

By Plugin

You can just install Alexa Plugin and follow the instruction.

Add Alexa Ranking Widget in Blogger

Blogger is a most famous blogging platform. It’s a free blogging platform. Many popular bloggers use Blogger By Google First then move on WordPress. You can add Alexa widget in some simple steps.

  1. Just copy the Alexa script code
  2. Click blog title > layout > add a gadget (HTML/JAVASCRIPT)
  3. Paste the Alexa Script in this Gadget


Alexa widget is the most reason to improve Alexa rank. Mostly blogger uses this technique to improve the Alexa ranking included me. You can share your thought via the comment section. If you have any doubt about Alexa widget or Alexa rank, simply leave a comment.

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