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Logo Design Process : A Step By Step Guide to Make a Professional Logo

Custom Logo Design is a very simple but creative process. Every blogger, website owner, and every small business owner or multinational level company need a brand identity such as Logo, Visiting Card, Unique Letter Pad and much more. I explain some killer tips to create a perfect logoWe use Photoshop to make a unique logo.

Adobe Photoshop is the best software to make a great logo design

You can also save a PSD version of your logo for modifying it anytime without doing hard work. It is an example of smart work rather than hard work.

Every designer has a different method to make a brand identity. So you can use your own brain after learning it. You need to care something before designing a logo.

The concept of logo design process is very simple. You can go with basic and after that go to advance section to learn to create an awesome logo.

Logo Design Cost

logo design cost is very costly and cheap. But what is mean. For a creative and uniques logo, logo designer cost is very costly and out of budget for new business or blogger

Cheap price for unprofessional, blurred logo design.

A benefit of Design your own logo

The very big advantage to make your own logo that is completely free design and you are learn something and sharpen your brain. The other benefit is you can modify it at a later stage

Free logo design Template

These templates really help out to make the cool logo that stands out from the crowd. These templates are great inspiration for logo design and easy to create the good logo

Logo Design Idea for Business Graphic Designer

Without any logo design inspiration or art and reference, you do not make a good logo. Even if you have a creative brain, you also able to produce some industry standard logo as a beginner. So, you can see some idea and work on logo design process

Logo Design Elements

Logo design element is Credible, simple, distinct, versatile, appropriate, targeted and timeless.

What is a Professional Logo Design

Make a professional logo design is not hard than you think. It’s a simple process to make a professional looking logo. Here is a process

  • Thinks with Creative Mind
  • Sketch
  • A design on a white paper
  • After that design on software
  • Send this design to your friend and ask for feedback
  • Improve with feedback suggestion.

Types of Logo

The logo has a six different type. You can choose first your Logo Type before start to design a logo.  Here is some logo design style that you choose from

  1. Flat Logo Design
  2. Simple Logo Design
  3. Branded Logo Design
  4. Creative Logo Design
  5. Letter Logo Design
  6. Alphabetical Logo Design
  7. Effective Logo Design

Rules of Best Logo Design

You need to follow some simple logo designing rule to build a better logo.

  1. Drawing your logo with pen or pencil on a white paper.
  2. Drawing at least 15 logos.
  3. Modify if necessary.
  4. Design simple or flat logo.
  5. Make sure your logo color match with your business or your website theme.

Take a reference to Modern Logo Design

modern design

Before Start to design a logo, You can take some reference to completely understand Logo Design Process. Every Popular Branded Logo is so simple but its seem too creative.

Reference will help your brain to generate some logo ideas.

Actually, simplicity is better than boring design.

For Example, Branded logo design such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Micromax  Logo is very simple but its completely describe brands.

So, you can think twice before starting logo design.

Here is some cool logo design example.Focus on Designing

After understanding Logo Design process, You need to focus on designing. You can hold your pen and paper and try to design 20 to 30 logo. After that select one unique logo and work on it. For Example, I draw 20 logos for my blog and after that, I choose one logo for my blog and create the design in photoshop.

Design icon in Photoshop

So we can create a TechShiny logo in PhotoShop. After the tutorial is complete, you will able to create any type of Logo.

  1. For Logo, the First very important thing is creating a logo icon. You can create an icon by drawing, mixing the picture or use Photoshop custom shapes.
  2. You can find custom shape just after text type tool in Photoshop toolbox. See the below image for more detail and expiration.
  3. After select custom shapes, you can go to option bar that you found on top. In this bar, you can find shapes box and click on it. You will find some icon.
  4. Now you can click on right side arrow. You will find many options in this section, you can click on all. Now all icons are available.
  5. If you will not find your desired icon in Photoshop custom shapes. So you can download more custom shapes.
  6. After downloading more Photoshop custom shapes, Click on the custom shaped icon, after that click on the arrow that you will find on the right side. After that click on load custom shapes and upload here.
  7. If you are not satisfied with custom shape icon, then choose alphabet icon. For this, you need some unique and modern font. You can download some unique font to create alphabetical unique, modern, fresh and branded logo.
  8. After Download fonts, you can copy all fonts and go to c: /window/font and paste it here.
  9. Now, Write your alphabetical name in Photoshop new document, for example, I write TS for my blog logo.
  10. Now select TS and choose the right font for your brand design. You can invest some time in choose font and choose a great font.
  11. After that select icon color based on your business or your blog theme. For example, if your business belongs to health then choose Green color or if your business is related to Facebook marketing then choose a blue color. For perfect logo icon, the color combination must be related to your business.

Logo Design Guideline

After creating and designating icon, the next thing is designing a letter. Designing the letter is very simple. You need to care something for designing text for the logo.

  1. You text design is creative but not over creative.
  2. Your text design is not blurred.
  3. Use Latest Font.
  4. 4.Choose Perfect color combination.

After properly understand four points. You can create a better logo for your brand or business.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a logo

Give Colors to Your Logo

  1. Write your business name in Photoshop New document.
  2. Set your text size.
  3. Now choose the color for your logo. Make sure, you follow the color combination rules for your logo.
  4. You can also choose multicolor for your logo, it depends on your business.

5.For example, I choose the red color for the logo because blog theme is red and the color is suited for my blog and logo.

Add Background if Necessary

The background is necessary for only 5% logo. If you want your logo more creative, you can add the background to your logo, depend on your logo design.

  1. Select your logo from any selection tools.
  2. Go to file menu and create a new document.
  3. After that, a dialog box will open.
  4. You can insert width 500 Pixel, Height 500 Pixel and Resolution 300 or higher. Actually Logo size and resolution are very important to create an HD logo.
  5. Download Background image on Google or use Photoshop gradient tools or pattern to create a perfect background for your logo. After that, you apply your background to a new document.

6.Now copy your logo paste it here.

Choose the Right format for your Logo

This is very important part of your logo designing process. Many formats available but two image formats are very popular. First is JPEG and second is PNG Image format. You can use any format for your logo but mostly logo designer tell the PNG format is better than any other image format. I describe these two formats in detail here.

  1. JPEG Format Image: JPEG format is very high quality and big in size. But you cannot save transparent logo with JPEG file format.
  2. PNG Format: Mostly Designer including me recommends saving the logo in PNG Format. Because PNG format is known for the transparent image file. To save your logo in transparent, follow the below guideline
  3. Go to file menu and click New, after that a dialog box open with many functions such as document size, mode, width, height,
  4. .You can see White, Background color, and transparent section. You can just simply tick on transparent and choose your desired document size and click ok.
  5. Now select your logo only not your background and paste on the new transparent document.
  6. Now go to file menu and click on save as a save as dialogue box will open. After that choose PNG format and save your transparent logo.


almost, I explain some key point to create a better logo

A branded and unique logo is very important for your business.

Brand identity is not completed without unique logo that represents your brand. You can easily create any type of professional logo with this tutorial. So stops hiring logo designers and create and design your own logo with Photoshop.

Maya Tutorials

Sofa Modeling Tutorials in Maya : A Step by Step Guide

So friends , today we are create a sofa modeling in Autodesk Maya. Modelling a sofa set is extremely easy , you need just use your creative brain to make a sofa . For practicing modelling, as a beginner, this is good.. So, Here is a step by step guide to modelling and texturing a sofa set in Maya

How to modelling a sofa set in Autodesk Maya

  •  Create a box with Width 10, Height 3, and Depth 24.
  • Insert a controlled as for smoothing the sofa , You can see below image , how much Edge will you need to control the sofa for smoothing.
  • Now you can press 3 for smoothing the box.
  • After smoothing the box , your box should like this.

After that copy this box to make a sofa as shown in image below.

  • We create a our basic simple sofa shape. Now we can work on this shape to make our sofa more realities.
  • Select these two polygon and pull up little bit.
  • After pulling up the polygon , this box should like this.
  • Now we can work on other boxes.
  • Select these vertex
  • Pull the vertex little bit like this
  • adjust your sofa look like this.

Modelling a Sofa Leg

  • Create a cylinder with Radius 0.759, height 2.478 and subdivision axis 8. You can also choose radius and height according to your sofa image.
  • Select all the top vertices and scale to center like this.
  • Now give an control edge to this cylinder.
  • Place the leg bottom of your sofa at proper position.

How to modelling a Pillow in Maya

  • Create a box with width 10, Height 2 and Depth 12
  • Insert the Controlled Edge.
  • Press 3 for smoothing the pillow.
  • Select the center polygon and pull up little bit.
  • Select all four corner vertex and scale it little bit
  • Create one more edge in the center of this box.
  • Press and hold shift + Right click the click on Insert edge loop tool box to open insert edge loop tool setting.
  • After setting open, Click on Multiple Edge loop tool.
  • Enter 1 in Number of edge loop box.
  • Now insert edge in the center.
  • Delete the bottom half part of your pillow box.
  • Go to Modify and Click on Center Pivot.
  • Go to Edit and Click Duplicate Special Box Icon.
  • Duplicate Special Setting Box open.
  • You will see many option in this setting.
  • Just Choose instance and add minus in scale y axis value and click ok.
  • Another copy will create , you can adjust this copy like this image.
  • Now select both boxes, then go to mesh and click on combine, Now you box are combined together,
  • But you need little more work
  • Select these two edges
  • Hold down CTRL + right click. Now you will see many option. Now you can click on to vertex. After that your edge selection convert to vertex.
  • Hold down shift + Right click , after that you will again many option. Just choose merge vertices, after choose this option, three option were highlighted such as Merge vertex tools, merge vertices to center , merge vertices. You can click merge vertices checkbox to open merge vertices setting.
  • You can increase threshold to 0.413 or something little or bigger, this amount is perfect worked for me.
  • After that click on merge.
  • Now you can scale this pillow box according to your sofa model.
  • Now your sofa look like this.

How to Create UV for Better Texturing

  • Select this part as shown in image below.
  • Go to edit UV > delete uv
  • Go to Create UV and then click on Planner Mapping checkbox. A Planner Mapping UVS setting open.
  • Choose best plane and click ok.
  • After that, go to Edit UV > UV Texture editor.
  • A UV texture box will open select.
  • Press right click and choose UV.
  • select this box and move it .
  • Now go to polygon menu and click on unfold.
  • After unfold click on relax under polygon menu.
  • Now select the bottom face and repeat these steps again
  • Now create front, back, left , right UV one by one and remember don’t use shortcut
  • After creating UV, we need to assembled the uv
  • I like to sews the UV.
  • You can select all UVS
  • Go to polygon > and click on layout , your uvs assembled automatically.
  • But i don’t like automatic assembled uv, so i sews uvs manually.
  • For Sew UV, select one edge of your create uv , after select edge you will another edge highlighted.
  • You can move other highlighted edge box to front selected edge box.
  • after that , hold shift + right click and click on sew uv. Now your uv were sewed. Repeat this process to sew all uvs.
  • Here is a final uv
  • Go to Polygon Menu , then click on UV snapshot.
  • A snapshot setting will open.
  • Enter Value 1048 in size X and Y
  • Choose image format JPG or PNG and Click ok

Texturing a Sofa Set

  • Open the UV Creation image in Photoshop.
  • Create New white layer.
  • Download your desired textured from google image search.
  • Open this texture in Photoshop
  • Place this texture in UV Image.
  • Save the image in PSD or JPG , PNG format. P
  • PSD Format image does not work in mental ray.
  • Go to window > rendering > hypershade.
  • A material editor box will open.
  • Click on Lambert icon.
  • Double click on Lambert.
  • Minimize the hypershade window
  • You will see the Lambert setting in right side
  • Click on color check box and click on file icon.
  • Choose image file and select your image and click ok.
  • Go to hypershade window again, click on Lambert icon and click assign material to selection
  • Create another box UVS and give texture with same process.
  • I make some changes also , now our final sofa ready.


So we create a simple sofa set but we invest so much time on this project but why?

For any artist , practicing and model looks realistic is first think. In this tutorials your learn about modeling, texturing, UV mapping, uv sews. Material.

I am sure , after reading this tutorials , you will modeled and textured any type of sofa ,and chair using this techniques. Keep learning

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