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Sofa Modeling Tutorials in Maya : A Step by Step Guide

So friends , today we are create a sofa modeling in Autodesk Maya. Modelling a sofa set is extremely easy , you need just use your creative brain to make a sofa . For practicing modelling, as a beginner, this is good.. So, Here is a step by step guide to modelling and texturing a sofa set in Maya

How to modelling a sofa set in Autodesk Maya

  •  Create a box with Width 10, Height 3, and Depth 24.
  • Insert a controlled as for smoothing the sofa , You can see below image , how much Edge will you need to control the sofa for smoothing.
  • Now you can press 3 for smoothing the box.
  • After smoothing the box , your box should like this.

After that copy this box to make a sofa as shown in image below.

  • We create a our basic simple sofa shape. Now we can work on this shape to make our sofa more realities.
  • Select these two polygon and pull up little bit.
  • After pulling up the polygon , this box should like this.
  • Now we can work on other boxes.
  • Select these vertex
  • Pull the vertex little bit like this
  • adjust your sofa look like this.

Modelling a Sofa Leg

  • Create a cylinder with Radius 0.759, height 2.478 and subdivision axis 8. You can also choose radius and height according to your sofa image.
  • Select all the top vertices and scale to center like this.
  • Now give an control edge to this cylinder.
  • Place the leg bottom of your sofa at proper position.

How to modelling a Pillow in Maya

  • Create a box with width 10, Height 2 and Depth 12
  • Insert the Controlled Edge.
  • Press 3 for smoothing the pillow.
  • Select the center polygon and pull up little bit.
  • Select all four corner vertex and scale it little bit
  • Create one more edge in the center of this box.
  • Press and hold shift + Right click the click on Insert edge loop tool box to open insert edge loop tool setting.
  • After setting open, Click on Multiple Edge loop tool.
  • Enter 1 in Number of edge loop box.
  • Now insert edge in the center.
  • Delete the bottom half part of your pillow box.
  • Go to Modify and Click on Center Pivot.
  • Go to Edit and Click Duplicate Special Box Icon.
  • Duplicate Special Setting Box open.
  • You will see many option in this setting.
  • Just Choose instance and add minus in scale y axis value and click ok.
  • Another copy will create , you can adjust this copy like this image.
  • Now select both boxes, then go to mesh and click on combine, Now you box are combined together,
  • But you need little more work
  • Select these two edges
  • Hold down CTRL + right click. Now you will see many option. Now you can click on to vertex. After that your edge selection convert to vertex.
  • Hold down shift + Right click , after that you will again many option. Just choose merge vertices, after choose this option, three option were highlighted such as Merge vertex tools, merge vertices to center , merge vertices. You can click merge vertices checkbox to open merge vertices setting.
  • You can increase threshold to 0.413 or something little or bigger, this amount is perfect worked for me.
  • After that click on merge.
  • Now you can scale this pillow box according to your sofa model.
  • Now your sofa look like this.

How to Create UV for Better Texturing

  • Select this part as shown in image below.
  • Go to edit UV > delete uv
  • Go to Create UV and then click on Planner Mapping checkbox. A Planner Mapping UVS setting open.
  • Choose best plane and click ok.
  • After that, go to Edit UV > UV Texture editor.
  • A UV texture box will open select.
  • Press right click and choose UV.
  • select this box and move it .
  • Now go to polygon menu and click on unfold.
  • After unfold click on relax under polygon menu.
  • Now select the bottom face and repeat these steps again
  • Now create front, back, left , right UV one by one and remember don’t use shortcut
  • After creating UV, we need to assembled the uv
  • I like to sews the UV.
  • You can select all UVS
  • Go to polygon > and click on layout , your uvs assembled automatically.
  • But i don’t like automatic assembled uv, so i sews uvs manually.
  • For Sew UV, select one edge of your create uv , after select edge you will another edge highlighted.
  • You can move other highlighted edge box to front selected edge box.
  • after that , hold shift + right click and click on sew uv. Now your uv were sewed. Repeat this process to sew all uvs.
  • Here is a final uv
  • Go to Polygon Menu , then click on UV snapshot.
  • A snapshot setting will open.
  • Enter Value 1048 in size X and Y
  • Choose image format JPG or PNG and Click ok

Texturing a Sofa Set

  • Open the UV Creation image in Photoshop.
  • Create New white layer.
  • Download your desired textured from google image search.
  • Open this texture in Photoshop
  • Place this texture in UV Image.
  • Save the image in PSD or JPG , PNG format. P
  • PSD Format image does not work in mental ray.
  • Go to window > rendering > hypershade.
  • A material editor box will open.
  • Click on Lambert icon.
  • Double click on Lambert.
  • Minimize the hypershade window
  • You will see the Lambert setting in right side
  • Click on color check box and click on file icon.
  • Choose image file and select your image and click ok.
  • Go to hypershade window again, click on Lambert icon and click assign material to selection
  • Create another box UVS and give texture with same process.
  • I make some changes also , now our final sofa ready.


So we create a simple sofa set but we invest so much time on this project but why?

For any artist , practicing and model looks realistic is first think. In this tutorials your learn about modeling, texturing, UV mapping, uv sews. Material.

I am sure , after reading this tutorials , you will modeled and textured any type of sofa ,and chair using this techniques. Keep learning

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