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How to Create Passport Size Photo in Photoshop (Fast and Easy Way)

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular graphics designing software used by millions.  Photoshop is a recommending software for making passport size photo easiest and faster.  For Photographers, Passport size photo making is a daily task. So we can focus today on how to create better passport size photo in fastest and easiest way

At least every people need the passport photo for the various task such online form filling, for passport, ID card or any other govt. id.

passport size photo in photoshop

What is a Passport Size Photo Requirement

We need a good camera for taking a good Good High-resolution Photo, A Good Printer and small time. You don’t need to buy a  very costly printer and Camera, you just need a good quality camera and printer in your budget.

What is Passport Size Photo Guideline

  • Every type of Photo including passport size photo always save in Jpeg format and set quality to the maximum under save as dialogue tab.
  • Standard Passport size photo size measurement  is 3.4 x 4.5 cm (100 x 120 pixel). It means passport size photo width is 100 pixel and height is 120 pixel.
  • It’s your choice, you can choose photo dimension in the pixel, inch or cm.
  • You must choose the standard background color to look your photo professional, professional photographer recommended light blue color and photo studio recommend light red background.
  • Passport size photo always in pixel for professional work.

How to Create Passport Size Photo Manually

Before reading step, you need to understand all Photoshop tools.

  • Open any photo in Photoshop for sample
  • Not every photo looks goods, so we need some adjustment to make a photo look better. We don’t use every tool in this tutorial, you can personally check out these all tools. We can use only important tools. So, go to image > adjustment > curve tool or Press (shortcode M) for this tool. After that, a curve tool will open.
  • You will find many options in this tool. Every option is important of this tool. The first option preset, you can check the preset option by yourself or see if you need to use it. the next option is the channel, this option is very important for all beginner, intermediate or professional Photoshop artist. For make your photo brighter or darker you can choose RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and move the curve tool to make your photo brighter or darker. If you want to give the feel red, green or blue to your photo, just change the channel mode from RGB to Red, green or blue and move the curve tool according to your need.
  • Go to image > adjustment > Brightness/contrast
  • to make your photo brighter.
  • Another important tool is Level. I use the level tools for shining the photo. Go to image > adjustment > level, a level tool will open. You can use this tool according to your need.

Go to Crop tool and enter a size of width = 1.2px and height = 1.5px in address bar and crop the passport size picture.

  •  Create a new file of your desired size. Recommend page format for passport size 5 x 7, 4 x 6, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, A4.
  • If you choose 4 x6, 8 x 10 paper sizes skip this step. Go to image > image rotation > 90 degree CW.
  • Copy your image or move your photo by drag and drop to your newly created page.
  • Click on move tool and move the cropped photo to your desired size format.
  • Right click on the photo and select a layered photo then go to edit menu and click on stroke and enter stroke amount of 2 or 4.
  1. Move your image to the top right corner.
  2. Click on move and copy your photo to hold alt button + mouse left click and repeat the process. If you want to copy multiple photos then click CTRL + Efor select multiple photos.

How to Write Name Below Passport Size Photo

  • Convert your photo to passport size.
  • After That choose a black or white color
  • Go Rectangular Marquee tool and Drag and drop to the bottom of your photo
  • Now, You can use paint bucket tool to fill up the marquee or use CTRL + Backspace or Alt + Backspace to fill up the marquee.
  • Now, You can choose text type tools and Enter Name in The fill-up marquee box that you created before.

How to Create Passport Size Photo Automatically 

You can also create passport photo automatically with one click. You can follow steps carefully.

  • Open any photo for sample and crop the photo with the size of width = 1.2 px height = 1.5 px.
  • Go to Window > workplace then click on Reset Palette Location.
  • You will find many tabs. simply go to Action tab then click on create the new action. You will find this option at bottom of action tab indicate an icon.
  • An action box will open with such option. In the name, field gives a proper name for understanding what type of action you’re created. In function key choose your function for your action shortcut and tick on shift or ctrl button.After creating an action simply click on play button.
  • Repeat the entire step that I mention in the heading of How to create passport photo manually.
  • Click on the stop button.
  • Now you have successfully created an action for a passport photo.
  • Open any photo and crop it then press the action key with shift or delete. Your passport photo created automatically.
  • You can also create another shortcut by this way and save your time when creating the passport size photo.

How to Create stamp size or ticket size photo

You won’t need to create more work for ticket size photo, you just change the crop size. Stamp size photo dimension is 0.7 x  0.9 and resolution 300 and crop the photo and use same techniques that I mention earlier in this article.

How to Create Mixed Passport photo automatically

  • Create a new folder and copy your entire photo in this folder.
  • Go to file > automate then click on contact sheet II.
  • A contact sheet II box will open with many options.
  • Click on browse button under source folder. A browse for folder box open. You can select your folder location and click ok.
  • Choose your size in document section. Default document size is 8 x 10.
  • Choose your column and row and under thumbnail section.
  • Choose your font and size for creative caption and hit ok. Your passport photo with caption within minutest depend on the photo.

How to Make one Photo Into Multiple Photos in Photoshop

  • Go to file > automate then click on picture package.
  • A picture package box will open.
  • Go to source section and choose folder under use section and tick on include all subfolder.
  • Click on browse button and choose your photo folder location and click ok.
  • Go to document section and choose your paper size, layout and resolution. You can see your preview on the right side.
  • Go to label section if you want to add copyright or custom text and click ok.
  • Your passport photo created automatically within minutes depending on the photo.

How to Create Passport Size photo for your personal website

  • Go to file > automate then click on web photo gallery.
  • A Web Photo Galley box will open.
  • Choose your style under site section.
  • Write your personal or company email address under email section box.
  • Leave default extension for HTML.
  • Click on browse button and choose your photo folder location.
  • Click on the destination where you want to save your web photo gallery.
  • Go to option banner and choose banner under option drop-down list.
  • Write your desired name under site name, photographer, contact info, date etc and click ok button. Your web photo gallery created within the minute. You can share this web photo gallery with your friends on social media or your personal blog.

How to Use Photoshop Batch to create the photo in one click

Suppose, you need to create 20 or higher number passport size photo very urgently, if you do this work manually or using action command, it takes time and you are also bored. So let find a solution for that step by step.

  • First of all, create a new folder and paste your all photos.
  • Go to file > automate > batch, a Photoshop batch dialogue box open.
  • Now select your action that you were created previously for making photo automatically. After that select source as the folder then click on choose folder and select your folder and click ok. Now choose the destination, you have three option for the destination.
  • None – if you choose none, the photo will create and you need to save one by one.
  • Save and Close – if you choose to save and close option, the photo will create and save automatically,
  • Folder- Sometimes this option complicated, but it’s easy, if you choose this option, your photo will save in a folder. But you need write some extension name for that. After that click on ok.

How to use Contact Sheet II Make Photo label

  • with the contact sheet, you can easily create your photo with the caption, but how
  • Go to automate > Contact Sheet II,  A contact sheet dialogue box will open.
  • Click on browse button and choose your photos folder, if you have multiple folders in one folder, tick on include subfolder.
  • In the document section, choose your width, height, resolution and mode RGB.
  • If you want to use the caption, tick on use filename caption,  otherwise leave it. You can also check out other option if you will need and hit ok. Your contact sheet ready within a minute.

How to use Picture Package in the proper way

This is a great tool but I don’t why Photoshop removes this option to the latest version. If you want to use this option, you need to use Photoshop 7.0 or older version.

  • Go to automate > picture package, a picture package dialogue box will open.
  • You can choose source file or folder, and click on browse button and select the file or folder, for picture package, I think files are good.
  • Under document section, you can also choose page size, layout, resolution and mode according to your requirement. If you want to use the label on your photo, you can customize it under label section and click ok. Your picture package is ready in few seconds.

Use Automate to Create Passport Size Photo in one click

  • Go to file > automate then click on the batch.
  • A Photoshop batch dialogue box will open.
  • Choose the action you created earlier under action section.
  • Choose the folder under source section then click on choose and choose photo folder.
  • Tick on override action open command, include all subfolder and untick on suppress color profile warning.
  • You can select the folder from destination box.
  • Tick on override action saves the command.
  • Click on choose button under destination section and select the location where you want to save the photo.
  • Go to file naming section and choose document name in one box and choose extension in the second box from the dropdown list.
  • Choose to stop for error under error section and hit ok.
  • Your photo creates and saves automatically.
  • If you see an error like this: not enough memory then choose to save and Close under destination section and save your entire photo one by one.

How to Download Passport Size Photo Plugin

If you don’t understand, how to create a Photoshop action, read it again or watch our video or you can comment us. If you are not able to do work on creating action. You can download ready-made action for 30 PP, 32PP, 15PP. 


I hope, you will learn something about passport size photo. Now you can create every type of passport size photo at your own home.

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